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Eureka Fire Department Reminds Residents of Weed Abatement Program in City

As we head into the summer season, the Eureka Fire Department would like to remind residents and property owners of our weed abatement program. Per Eureka Municipal Code Section 94.17, it is unlawful for any person owning, occupying, renting, managing, or controlling any real property in the city to cause or permit any weeds or rubbish to remain on any real property or any portions of streets adjoining such real property to the center line of such streets. It shall be the duty of every such person to remove or destroy such weeds.

Eureka Fire Department has begun a survey of our city to identify properties with excessive weed growth. Owners of properties identified with weed growth will receive a letter from Eureka Fire Department advising them of the need to trim or mow their property. A follow-up inspection of the property will then be conducted by fire department personnel approximately 15 days after the date of the letter.

The goals of the program are to keep the city fire-safe by ensuring that yards, alleys, and larger parcels are cleared of combustible weeds and debris, as well as to keep our community visually appealing. Properties within the city need to have all weeds and brush mowed, trimmed, or removed to lessen the fire hazard. Property owners should also remove excess trash, wood, or other combustibles from the property.

In addition to the patrol efforts of Eureka Fire Department personnel, citizens can also report locations by calling Eureka Fire Department at 707-441-4000, or online at the City of Eureka webpage at  Look for the “Report a Problem/Service Request” link in the Contact the City box on the left side of the screen. When reporting a weed-related problem, please have the address of the property available. If the property is a vacant lot, please have the address of the neighboring property.

Eureka Fire Department would like to say thank you in advance to property owners in our city as they do their part to help make Eureka fire-safe, and make our community a nicer, more beautiful place to live, work, and play.