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Fireworks Prohibited In Old Town And On Woodley Island

Eureka Fire Department would like to remind everyone that personal fireworks are prohibited on Woodley Island and in the Old Town area of the City of Eureka by the Eureka Municipal Code, Section 92.08. The code states:

No person shall store, sell, use, discharge, ignite, or set off any fireworks on Woodley Island and in the Old Town Area of the City of Eureka. For purposes of this ordinance, the Old Town area is defined as the area North of Fourth Street to the Bay, West of M Street and East of Commercial Street, inclusive.

Fireworks found in prohibited areas will be subject to confiscation and the owner or user of the fireworks may be subject to citation. Failure to comply with this ordinance is an infraction. Failure to comply with an Order and Notice as provided in Section 92.99 of the Eureka Municipal Code may be charged as either an infraction or a misdemeanor.

Personal fireworks are allowed in other areas of the City of Eureka, and Eureka Fire Department urges you to celebrate safely. The public is reminded:

  • Use only California State Fire Marshal approved safe and sane fireworks.
  • Follow the instructions on the fireworks, and provide close adult supervision for children.
  • Use fireworks in a clear area away from buildings, grass, and brush.
  • If a firework fails to ignite properly, do not approach the device immediately. If the device does not ignite in a reasonable amount of time, place the device into a bucket of water.
  • Provide clear access on streets for emergency vehicles.
  • Pick up your trash. Place all used fireworks in a bucket of water prior to placing them into the trash.

 The City of Eureka invites everyone to spend the day in Old Town, and you will be welcome to enjoy the evening’s public fireworks display. Remember, attendees may not bring fireworks to Old Town or Woodley Island. Enjoy the festivities, and celebrate safely this Fourth of July.