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2005 California Firefighters Memorial

Blinding smoke, a storm of fiery embers, toxic chemicals and hidden carcinogens are a few of the many conditions and elements our first responders are subjected to on any given call.


Research and studies from the International Association of Fire Fighters tell us that the growing trend of line of duty fatalities are the result of unknown hazardous exposures during emergency responses.  Nearly 40 percent of our front line firefighters across the United States and Canada will be forced out of the profession due to work-related injuries and terminal illnesses.  Occupationally related diseases, such as heart disease and cancer, constitute more than 90 percent of all reported firefighter deaths when their occurrences are combined.


These numbers are staggering, and serve as a solemn reminder of the inherent risk our front line firefighters face on any given call.  Yet, each day, these brave men and women come to work knowing of the uncertain dangers that lie ahead when the alarm sounds.


The California Firefighters Memorial is a timeless tribute to the lives and memories of California’s bravest.  It serves as a sacred place of inspiration and reverence to our colleagues, friends and families left behind.


We will never forget.