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Eureka Firefighters participate in Jacksonville Oregon's 150th birthday

On the weekend of September 25th, the Old Town Steam Engine Co. No. 2 was invited to the city of Jacksonville Oregon by Fire Chief Chris Arnold to participate in celebration of the city’s 150th birthday. Eureka Fire Department and steam engine team members Kent Hulbert, Ed Laidlaw, and Kevin Voorhees were joined by former team member Tom Rathbun, retired Assistant Fire Chief Stan Elher and wife Jo and their horses Crescent and Gibbous, and horse team assistants Jared and Robin spent a wonderful day demonstrating our 1904 Metropolitan Extra First Class Steam Engine for the people of Jacksonville.  Crescent and Gibbous showed their stuff while pulling the steam engine through the town during the parade Saturday morning. Just after noon the team steamed up for the first time at Bigham Knoll’s Oktoberfest and City Jubilee. With the help of 8 members of the Jacksonville Fire Department manning 2 hoselines, the team demonstrated the steamer’s drafting and pumping capabilities. Due to the number of firefighters it took to control the hoselines, Chief Arnold brought his own ground monitor and the team spent the rest of the day keeping the kids of Jacksonville cool during the almost 90 degree weather. During the downtimes between demonstrations the team talked with the spectators on the history of the steam engine, our City, and the Eureka Fire Department. The steamer team would like to thank Chief Arnold and his family, the Jacksonville Fire Department, Melvin Ashland and the crew at Bigham Knoll, the city of Jacksonville and its citizens for the wonderful hospitality that was shown.  The team would also give a big thank you to Travis and April for donating their time to safely deliver and return the steamer. And lastly we would like to thank our team member families for being a great support crew.