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Suspicious Fires in Humboldt County

During the last several months we have noted an increase in fires that were intentionally ignited.  Many of these fires have been small, seemingly insignificant.  However, all fires have the potential to grow to dangerous proportions.  Additionally, when an arsonist is successful with small fires, they will often progress to larger, more dangerous fires.  Most of these fires have been noted in the greater Eureka area, however, in our mobile society, no part of the County is immune from incendiary fires.


The community can help reduce the number of fire incidents in two significant ways;


1)      Since many arsonists will use any available combustible material, we strongly recommend that people keep their homes and businesses clean of materials that could be used to start fires.

2)      Report suspicious activity to the appropriate law enforcement authority when you observe such activity.  Call from a safe location but stay available in the area to meet with an officer to provide additional information, as needed.  If you have information that would help with the investigation of fires, contact fire or law enforcement personnel from the appropriate jurisdiction.


We can achieve safety and security by working together as a community.


The Humboldt County Fire/Arson Investigation Unit (HCFAIU) is a non-profit organization of local fire and law enforcement professionals with a goal of reducing the number of fires in our community through education, engineering, and enforcement.  Under the direction of the District Attorney’s Office, the HCFAIU members perform investigation of fires that occur in Humboldt County in an effort to determine cause and origin of the fires and assist with prosecution, where appropriate.


Questions or concerns should be addressed to Assistant Chief Rick Bennett at Eureka Fire Department (441-4000) or Detective Curtis Honeycutt at Eureka Police Department (441-4060).