Welcome to the Building Department

Building Department Operations During COVID-19

The Building Counter is operating at a reduced capacity due to the COVID-19 event, but we are still accepting submissions and conducting inspections. Due to the disruption caused by COVID-19, we have modified many of our processes and applicants may experience some delays in service. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we navigate this unique situation and continue to provide essential services to the community.

To Submit a permit application for plan review:

  • Please email the completed Building Permit Application along with the full digital submittal (plans and supporting documentation) to the Building Counter at building@ci.eureka.ca.gov and a staff member will respond with instructions to formally submit. Building Department forms can be found here. Please find our electronic submittal instructions here.

To submit for an over the counter permit:

  • Permit requests considered over the counter should be submitted via email with a detailed scope of work and bid to building@ci.eureka.ca.gov and staff will reply with details to schedule pick up. Limited appointments for permit pick up are available most weekdays.

To submit for a residential solar permit:

  • Please submit two sets of plans and supporting documentation along with a completed application to City Hall. Solar submittal packages can be turned in anytime between the hours of 9 am and 4pm, Monday through Friday, at the K Street entrance of City Hall.  Digital submittal is not required.  (For large commercial projects please refer to submittal instructions for plan review.)

To Re-submit:

  • Please email the digital copy of the full re-submittal (plans and supporting documentation and response letter) to the Building Counter at building@ci.eureka.ca.gov and a staff member will respond with instructions to formally re-submit. Electronic submittal instructions can be found here.

To pay for an approved permit and schedule pick up: 

  • If you have received notification that your permit has been approved and is ready to issue, please call the Building Counter at 441-4155 ext. 0 to make a payment by phone and schedule an appointment for pick up.  Permit pick up is available most days at 3pm, by appointment only.

Technical or Plan Check Question?:

  • Questions should be emailed to building@ci.eureka.ca.gov. Please be sure to reference the address, parcel number or permit number as applicable.

Need to schedule an inspection?:

  • Please call the 24-hour inspection hotline at 707-441-4043.  At this time there has been no change to our inspection procedures.  If this changes we will notify via the outgoing message on our inspection line.

Phone: (707) 441-4155 

Inspection Request Line: (707) 441-4043 (24 hour voicemail)

 The Building Department administers a program of construction regulation that is mandated by the State of California to provide minimum standards to safeguard life, health, property and public welfare by regulating the design, construction, quality of materials, use and occupancy, location and maintenance of all structures within the City. The department ensures public safety by providing thorough, accurate plan reviews and inspection of all structures.

The department provides an integrated approach to code enforcement to promote a clean, safe and healthy environment for all residents by enforcing the City's Health and Safety Code and Uniform Housing Code. Staff receives and responds to citizen complaints regarding substandard housing, nuisance abatement, and building use violations.

The department also provides information to the public through interpretations of federal, state, and local regulations; permit activity contained in address files; and interpretations of California Title 24 disabled access regulations.

Director of Public Works/Chief Building Official

Brian Gerving


(707) 441-4155


Permit Manager

Rob Dumouchel


(707) 441-4160


Plans Examiner

Jourdan O'Hanen


(707) 441-4155 


Administrative Technician

Kristen Ireland


(707) 441-4155