Press Release

Comment on Eureka's Draft Housing Element

The draft document includes the housing plan, technical appendix, and the results of the Eureka Housing Workshop held at the Wharfinger Building on April 10, 2019. 

Draft 2019-27 Housing Element

Please provide written comments, on or before Monday, August 19, 2019, by e-mailing to Brian Heaton, Senior Planner at

The Housing Element identifies the need for housing in the community as well as the City’s strategy to address housing needs across a wide economic and social spectrum. The Housing Element is a mandated component of the City of Eureka 2040 General Plan and has been designed to satisfy the requirements of State law. Section 65583 of the California Government Code establishes the required components for a Housing Element.

Notice of Planning Commission and City Council public hearings will be provided at a later date. Hearings are tentatively planned to be held late August, early September, 2019.