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Good Neighbor Week Eureka

From writing a note to somebody whose garden you admire to working with a team to create a traditional block party, the City of Eureka is encouraging citizens to reach out to their neighbors on Eureka Good Neighbor Week, Sept 22 through Sept. 28.

Good Neighbor Day, on Sept. 28, was designated in 1978 to help recognize the value of neighbors to create a stronger community. Strengthening those relationships can lead to friendships, an ability to address neighborhood concerns as a group and support to for each other in times of need. Mayor Susan Seaman initiated Eureka Neighbor Week in after interviewing several people for the Children and Families Initiative and hearing a pattern of need for more neighborhood building.

“The desire to have close neighborhoods is there,” said Seaman. “The steps to build that community is less clear to people. Schools used to be a conduit for neighborhood building, but so few children attend schools within walking distance of their homes that we need to find new ways to get to know our neighbors.”

The City will be providing information and ideas about how to engage your neighbors on the Mayor’s web page and on the Facebook page Eureka Good Neighbor Week. Follow the pages to get ideas about what you can do to be a good neighbor, to learn about how to work with the city to plan your own neighborhood activities, to learn what is planned in your neighborhood and get other information about the importance of being a good neighbor.

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