Press Release

City of Eureka Sales Tax

The voters of the City of Eureka approved a one-quarter percent retail transactions and use tax in the November 2008 General Election (Measure D) and a one-half percent retail transactions and use tax in the November 2010 General Election (Measure O).

Businesses within the City limits must impose the statewide sales tax of 7.5% plus the City's use tax of .75%, for a total of 8.25%. Click here for a listing of addresses within the Eureka City limits by street name. For information about applying sales tax to delivered sales, please review the Board of Equalization publications listed below.

More Information

If you are a seller or purchaser and need information about this tax, contact the California State Board of Equalization Revenue Tax Allocation Unit (916) 324-3000. The following Board of Equalization publications relate to district taxes (Transaction & Use Taxes).

District Taxes and Delivered Sales
Tax Tips for District Taxes

For information specific to a business or industry, review the Board of Equalization's publication list.

The Board of Equalization Local and District Taxes web page also has helpful information for sellers and purchasers.

For additional information contact the California Board of Equalization (800) 400-7115