Press Release

Oversized and Recreational Vehicle Parking Permits

Eureka Municipal Code section 90.16 was amended in April 2009 to authorize the Police Department to issue NO COST oversized and recreational vehicle permits. Vehicles of this type are not authorized to park on city streets in residential areas unless permitted.

Examples of Oversized or Recreational Vehicles would be any motor vehicle over 25 feet long, any motor vehicle over 96 inches wide, any motor vehicle which is designed, used or maintained as farm machinery, any non-motorized vehicle, such as a semitrailer, trailer, trailer coach, utility trailer, two or more axle camper, or a one-axle camper which has been detached from its drawing vehicle and any recreational vehicle over 20 feet long.

Types of Permits

Daily Use: The vehicle is used on a daily basis and on-premise parking is not reasonably available. A permit can be issued for up to six (6) months.

24 Hour: Up to sixteen (16) permits are allowed per resident per month. No more then eight (8) can be linked together consecutively. The maximum permit days per year is 144. Permits are limited to the area in front of the residence or in a reasonable proximity.

Medical: A permit may be issued when an oversized vehicle must me kept near a residence for medical reasons. A statement from a medical doctor is needed for this permit.

Construction: A permit maybe issued for an oversized vehicle for up to 45 days while being used in performing or assisting in performing services or repairs on residential property.

A permit can be obtained by calling the Eureka Police Department at 707-441-4060, Monday-Friday between 8am and 5pm or by coming into the Eureka Police Department business office during those times. Permits can also be obtained by email. For a permit by email, click here.        When requesting by email please include name, address, vehicle description including license number and the reason for the permit.