Press Release


City of Eureka Damage Assessments teams are finding dangerous damage in chimneys and appliance vent pipes.

 In many cases the damage caused by the earthquake is not readily visible.  Inspectors have found cracks in chimney flues could cause a fire in your house.  Leaks in vents from gas appliances such heaters, water heaters, dryers or stoves may release dangerous carbon monoxide.

 The flues and bricks of a chimney are designed to protect your house from heat from a fire in your wood stove or fireplace.  The earthquake caused noticeable damage to chimneys city-wide.  City inspection teams have also found damage that is not easily noticeable.  This damage includes cracks in bricks and linings and dislodged chimney insert pipe. 

 Before you burn in your wood stove or fireplace, have your chimney inspected by a qualified inspector.

 Gas appliances such as heaters, water heaters, dryers and stove produce carbon monoxide.  Carbon monoxide is an extremely dangerous odorless gas.  Normally carbon monoxide is safely ventilated out of your house through properly installed vent pipe.  Inspectors have found that the earthquake has dislodged many vent pipes which could leak carbon monoxide gas into your house.

 Have the vent pipes from your gas appliances checked by a qualified person.  Additionally, the City of Eureka recommends all residents install carbon monoxide detectors as well as smoke alarms in their home.

 For more information contact the Eureka Building Department at 441-4155

To report property damage or request an inspection call 441-4164 or email