Press Release

Eureka's 150th Anniversary

1856 - 2006

~ Announcing Eureka's 150th Anniversary ~

A Yearlong Celebration 1856-2006

EUREKA, CA ~ As the New Year unfolds, watch for ongoing focus on the rich 150-year history of Eureka, California  - from the time of first contact with the Native people to the founding of the town government on April 18, 1856, through one-and-a-half centuries of community innovation, toil, development, landmarks and landmark moments, to the present.

Visit the Clarke Museum to see the special exhibit giving tribute to the 150th Anniversary.  Hours are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.

A "Time Capsule" project - with the aim of collecting items representative of 2006 - will be sealed at the end of 2006, to be opened in 2056 at Eureka's 200th Anniversary.

With Eureka's abundant history, intertwined with the local tribes' cultures, get ready for a wide variety of historical themes to be woven into annual events such as the Rhododendron Parade and the Fourth of July.   Mayor Peter La Vallee and the City of Eureka proudly announce the year 2006 as Eureka's 150th Anniversary ~ A Yearlong Celebration, 1856 - 2006.

Join the excitement! 

For more information call Barbra Fortier at 268-1976 or the Mayor's office at 441-4172.

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